Work method

We have designed a work method in which we analyze our client’s needs in order to thoroughly understand the project they are after. We adapt and find the most suitable solutions.

1. Analysis of the needs

Once AMD is contacted, a technical advisor will visit you in order to:

  • Understand the Requirement
  • Collect samples, drawings and specifications for the product.
  • Inspect the installation site
  • Gather all the necessary information regarding the ease of the project and the scope of it.

The totality of the information will be stored confidentially and will only be used for the study of the injunction.

2. Techno-economic proposal

With the necessary information, the viability of the project is analyzed.  AMD proceeds to make a technical proposal (equipment concept) along with the control and mechanical design departments. With a concept in mind a preliminary list of components is made and an economic proposal sent to the customer

3. Project startup

The customer receives the economical proposal and the machine concept and corrections are made until we get to the right concept. To begin work on the project the customer issues a Purchase Order.

4.  Development Stage

The project begins and it is assigned to a mechanical design team and a controls team, a startup meeting is made with the customer were all the technical details are discussed, a Gantt chart with the main activities and dates is elaborated and we proceed with the design of the machine. When the design is terminated a revision meeting is done and the design gets approved by the customer.

5. Manufacture

Once the design is approved and signed off by the customer detail drawings and diagrams are made and the purchase and fabrication of components is started. Then everything is assembled wired and programmed. Along the process reports, photos and information is sent to the customer.

6. Machine startup at AMD

Once we have a complete the quality examined and test runs are begun at our location to detect flaws and improvement opportunities.

7. Machine Debug

During this phase of the project the necessary adjustments to the machine are made are made, mechanical and programming bugs are corrected until the required performance is exceeded.

8. Delivery to the customer

The customer comes to our facility to make test runs of the machine until he is convinced that it complies with his requirements. The machine is then packed and shipped along with the operation manual. The customer receives the machine and installs it in the final destination. Then a team of AMD engineers visits the location to start up the machine, confirm its functionality and train the operators.

9. Service post-sale

The client is offered personalized technical support warranty period.